Plaza Medical Centre is a private billing clinic. Payment is required on day of service. Failure to pay clinic fees on time may result in appointment requests being declined.

Accepted methods of payments are cash, EFTPOS or Credit card (not Diners or AMEX). If you have supplied Medicare with your bank details or you have a current EFTPOS Debit card our reception staff can process your Medicare refund into your bank account before you leave the clinic.

Bulk Billing is available for all patients who are under 16 years of age and DVA card holders. Patients who hold a Centrelink Concession Card may be offered a reduced fee. Our reception team can offer more information regarding this policy.

Fees Table

Monday to Friday Services Dr David Ellis Bulk bills DVA pts and children under 16 only.
Type Non Concession Card Holders Healthcare Card Pensioner Rebate
Standard (23) $75.00 $70.00 $66.00 $38.75
Long $113.00 $108.00 $105.00 $75.05
Extended (44) $139.00 $135.00 $130.00 $110.50
Dr Amanda Henderson, Dr Shahab Shirazi, Dr Max Bedford, Dr Andrew Duguid, Dr Neville Wulff, Dr Emma McQuillan, Dr Devon Butler Bulk bills DVA pts and children under 16 only.
Type Non Concession Card Holders Concession Card Holders Rebate
Short $41.00 $31.00 $17.50
Standard (23) $70.00 $62.00 $38.75
Long $109.00 $104.00 $75.05
Extended $134.00 $129.00 $110.50
Saturday Service Saturday visits are privately billed with the exception of DVA Gold Card holders.
Type Non Concession Card Holders Concession Card Holders
Standard (23) $75.00 $66.00
Long $113.00 $105.00
Facility / Admin Fee: $5.00 - $60.00
Non Attendance Fee: $50.00

Investigations, Specialists & Allied Health Professionals

If you are sent for investigations (Pathology, Radiology etc) or to a specialist or allied health professional for follow up please be aware there may be out of pocket costs involved. Always check with the company you have been referred to if there is any cost before using the service.

Non Attendance

A Non Attendance Fee may be charged if appointments are missed without prior cancellation.

We also advise that patients who do not attend 3 appointments without notice of cancellation will no longer be seen.

Workplace Injury or Illness

Due to current Medicare policy we are unable to Bulk Bill any treatment relating to an injury or illness that has occurred whilst at your workplace. Payment for all treatment relating to workplace injury or illness must be paid at the time of consultation unless you can provide details of an approved Work Cover or InjuryNET insurance claim.

Facility Fee

Our Treatment room can provide many consumable products to assist with your healthcare. Please be aware that fees will be charged for certain dressings, bandages and other products. These charges are not claimable through Medicare.

In Case Of Emergency


If this is an emergency please call 000 immediately. If you are experiencing any of the following, inform the receptionists without delay either in person or when phoning or presenting to the clinic: Chest Pains, Difficulty Breathing, Bleeding, Convulsions & Vomiting.